Soal Ujian Kompetensi Ilmu Bedah Hewan Kesayangan

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During surgical correction of gastric dilation volvulus
a. gastrotomy is often required to empty the stomach
b. gastropexy is performed between stomach and left body wall
c. fluorescein dye is very helpful in assesing gastric viability
d. partial gastric invagination may be an alternative to partial gastric resection
e. splenectomy should also be performed if splenic torsion is still present following gastric derotation

Concerning ear surgery for chronic otitis externa, which statement is most accurate?
a. bilateral total ear canal ablation always results in deafness
b. total ear canal ablation is indicated when hypertrophy has produced stenosis of the horizon canal
c. bulla osteotomy should be avoided unless there is radiographic evidence of the otitis media
d. lateral ear canal resection may result in damage to the zygomatic salivary gland
e. facial nerve paralysis is a complication of lateral ear canal resection

Castration can be used in treatment or prevention of all the following disorders except:
a. perianal fistula
b. perineal hernia
c. perianal adenoma
d. benign prostatic hyperplasia
e. chronic prostatitis

After reduction of hip luxation, the limb should be maintained in :
a. a Velpeau sling
b. an Ehmer sling
c. a Robinson sling
d. a spica splint
e. a 90-90 flexion sling

A Schroeder-Thomas splint is most appropriate for immobiliizing :
a. a closed, mid-shaft femoral fracture
b. an open, mid-shaft humeral fracture
c. a nondisplced, distal radial fracture in a toy-breed dog
d. a closed, oblique tibialfracture in a Labrador retriever puppy
e. a mandibular fracture

What is the best traetment for a 3-year-old Irish setter with a two-piece, transverse, mid-diaphyseal femoral fracture?
a. bone palte
b. external fixator
c. intramedullary pin and cerclage wire
d. intramedullary pin alone
e. Schroeder-Thomas splint

The most stable configuration of an external fixation devie is :
a. type I, single bar (unilateral)
b. type I, double bar (unilateral)
c. type II (bilateral, uniplanar)
d. type III (bilateral, biplanar)
e. guadrilateral (unilateral, biplanar)

The strongest type of gastropexy used as treatment of gastric dilation-volvulus in dogs is :
a. tube gastrotomy
b. gastrocolopexy
c. circumcostal gastropexy
d. belt-loop gastropexy
e. gastropexy with scarification of the peritoneum

All the following are accepted general principles of surgical drain placement except :
a. aseptic drain placement with drain maintained under steril bandages
b. drains should nor exit through incision lines
c. increasing the number of drain lumina decreases wound drainage
d. fewest drains possible placed through the least number of holes
e. drains shloud be removed when drainage becomes neglicable

Strongest absorbable suture material at implantation
a. polyglycolic acid
b. nylon
c. stainless steel
d. polypropylene
e. polyglyconate

Which antimicrobial is the most effective for chemoprophylaxis in a cat undergoing colotomy?
a. penicillin
b. trimethoprim-sulfa
c. clindamycin
d. tetracycline
e. second-generation cephalosporin

Absorbable suture material that should not be exposed to the bladder lumen :
a. stainless steel
b. nylon
c. polyglyconate
d. polyglycolic acid
e. polypropylene

The most common type of dehydration that must be corrected before any surgical procedure is :
a. Addison-type dehidration (high kalium, low natrium)
b. hypotonic dehydration (low serum natrium)
c. isotonic dehydration with hypokalemia
d. hypertonic dehydration with hypernatremia
e. isotonic dehydration (normal serum natrium)

Which lesion is not associated with wobbler syndrome?
a. intermittent spinal cord compression from hypertrophy of the ventral longitudinal ligament
b. intermittent spinal cord compression hypertrophy of ligamentum flavum
c. spinal cord compression from vertebral malalignment
d. spinal cord compression from intervertebral disc herniation
e. cervival vertebral malformation that cause constant pressure on the cervical spinal cord

In cat, megacolon is most commonly associated with :
a. an external mass, such adenocarcinoma
b. lumbosacral trauma
c. pelvi fracture
d. an intraluminal mass, such as a foreign body
e. unknown factors

What is an isograft:
a. graft in which donor and recipient are genetically unrelated individuals of the same species
b. graft in which donor and recipient are different individuals but genetically identical
c. graft in which tissue is tranferred to a new position on the same individual
d. graft in which donor and recipient are individuals of different species
e. a graft in which the donor tissue is of the same organ type as the recipient

Stongest available suture material :
a. nylon
b. polyglycolic acid
c. polypropykene
d. stainless steel
e. polyglyconate

Which of the following is most likely to contribute to postoperative aspiration pneumonia in a cat subjected to surgery for correction of sever pyloric outflow disease caused by benign or neoplastic tumor?
a. concurrent megaoesophagus caused by vagal nerve involvement by tumor
b. dysphagia
c. postoperative use of a vagolytic agent
d. gastric retention of fluids
e. impingement of the diafragma by the distended stomach

An 8-month-old St Bernard has hind limb lameness with mild muscle atrophy, hip pain and a positive Ortolani sign. There is no radiographic evidence of degenerative joint disease. Which treatment is most appropriate at this time?
a. femoral head and neck osteotomy
b. pectineomyotomy
c. total hip replacement
d. triple pelvic osteotomy
e. limited activity, with administration of antiinflammatories and chondroprotectives

Following vasectomy, a tomcat may have viable sprerm in its ejaculate for up to :
a. 50 days
b. 15 days
c. 3 days
d. 6 month
e. 1 year

When incised, which tunic differentiates a “closed” castration from an “open” castration?
a. parietal testicular tunic
b. spermatic tunic
c. parietal vaginal tunic
d. visceral vaginal tunic
e. double vaginal tunic

Of the following antibacterials, which is the best choice for perioperative use in a cat with pyometra?
a. cefoxitin
b. tetracycline
c. metronidazole
d. erythromycin
e. clindamycin

Which cat breed has a greater prevalence of cryptochidism than other breed?
a. Burmese
b. Persian
c. Devon Rex
d. domestic long hair
e. Siamese

Stretching and thinning og the skin surrounding a contracted wound are called:
a. epithelial migration
b. intussuseptive growth
c. bolstered growth
d. collagenolysis
e. epidermolytic migration

Which surgical procedur is designed to enlarge the vulvar opening?
a. celiotomy
b. episiotomy
c. vaginotomy
d. stomostomy
e. hysterotomy


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