Soal Ujian Kompetensi Penyakit Dalam Hewan Kesayangan

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Which condition is least likely to result in syncope or intermittent weakness?
a. sick sinus syndrome
b. Doberman cardiomyopathy
c. chronic renal disease
d. hypoadrenocorticism
e. myasthenia gravis

Cough is a likely clinical sign in all the following disorders except :
a. tracheal collapse
b. right-sided congestive heart failure
c. Bordetella bronchospetica infection
d. balstomycosis
e. acute bacterial bronchitis

Megaesophagus may be associated with all the following disorders except :
a. myasthenia gravis
b. lead poisoning
c. hypothiroidism
d. severe esophagitis
e. hyperadrenocorticism

All the following woukd be useful in differentiating vomiting from regurgitation except :
a. retching
b. prodormal nausea
c. observing bile within the material produced
d. time of occurrence relative to eating
e. abdominal contraction

Which laboratory finding is least likely to indicate abdnormal liver function
a. alkaline phospatase 1473 IU/L (normal 0 to 90 IU/L)
b. albumine 1.3 mg/dl (normal 2.9 to 4.0 mg/dl)
c. blood urea nitrogen (BUN) 5 mg/dl (normal 10 to 28 mg/dl)
d. glucose 40 mg/dl (normal 80 to 120 mg/dl)
e. partial thromboplastin time 25 seconds (normal 7 to 14 seconds)

Which drug does not have antacid effect?
a. famotidine
b. sulfasalazine
c. aluminum hydroxide
d. cimetidine
e. omeprazole

Against which parasitic infection is fenbendazole not effective?
a. trichuriasis
b. giardiasis
c. coccidiosis
d. ancylostomiasis
e. ascariasis

Blood studies in anorectic dog reveal a serum albumin level of 1.9 g/dl (normal 2.5 to 4.0 g/dl), a total plasma proteinlevel of 3.0 g/dl (normal 5.5 to 7.5 g/dl) and a PCV of 38% (normal 50%). Whats is the most likely cause of these finding?
a. glumerulonephritis
b. chronic gastrointestinal blood loss
c. cirrhocis
d. Rocky Mountain spotted fever
e. lymphangiectasis

Which of the following is least indicated medical management of the dog with hepatoencephalophaty?
a. lactulose
b. metronidazole
c. neomycine
d. diazepam
e. low-protein diet

Whatis the test of choice in diagnosing iatrogenic Cushing’s disease:
a. low dosage dexamethasone test
b. adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) stimulant test
c. high dosage dexamethasone test
d. glucagon tolerance test
e. assay for blood ACTH level

Which drug is the most appropriate for treatment dog chronic renal disease and nonregenerative anaemia (PCV 18%)?
a. stanozolol
b. human recombinant epoetin alfa
c. testosterone
d. prednisone
e. estrogen

How much water do normal dogs consume daily?
a. 2,5 to 5 ml/kg
b. 30 to 35 ml/kg
c. 10 to 20 ml/kg
d. more than 40 ml/kg
e. 5 to 35 ml/kg, depending on activity and ambient temperature

Causes of polyuria and polydipsia include all the following except :
a. chronic renal failure
b. pyometra
c. diabetes mellitus
d. hypocalcemia
e. hyperadrenocorticism

Causes of hypercholesterolemia/hyperlipidemia includes all the following except :
a. hypothyroidism
b. hypoglicemia
c. pancreatitis
d. hyperadrenocorticism
e. nephrotic syndrome

Increase fasting and post prandial serum blie acid levels are indicating of :
a. pancreatitis
b. chronic pancreatic insufficiency
c. chronic renal disease
d. liver disease
e. hyperadrenocorticism

What is the drug of choice for treatment Erlichia canis infection?
a. gentamicin
b. enrofloxacin
c. tetracycline
d. penicillin G
e. ampicillin

What the significance bilirubinuria in dogs ?
a. non spesific finding of no particular clinical significant
b. usually indicative of liver disease
c. usually indicative of renal disease
d. indicative of glumerular disease
e. indicative of ichterus

Which clinical pathologic finding is least likely to be observe in a dog that has been treated with prednisone for the past 2 months?
a. eoasinophilia
b. neutrophilia
c. lymphocytosis
d. monocytosis
e. increased serum alkaline phosphatase activity

Which disorders is the most likely to cause transudative ascites?
a. nephrotic syndrome
b. pancreatitis
c. hemangiosarcoma
d. dirofilariasis
e. carcinomatosis

Which disorders is least likely to cause regenerative anaemia?
a. babesiosis
b. hypothyroidism
c. hemangiosarcoma
d. autoimmune hemolytic anaemia
e. chronic gastrointestinal blood loss


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